how to get rid of canker sores on tongue (canker sores in mouth treatment)

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Here in this video i talk about how to get rid of canker sores overnight. Canker sores on your tongue also called aphthous ulcers are caused by numerous different factors. Tissue injury or biting your tongue is a reason why people get canker sores on their tongue. Vitamin deficiency, a lack of iron, vitamin B-12, lack of folic acid can cause canker sores. Eating acidic foods, salty, and spicy foods, also contribute in getting canker sores on the tongue.
So how can we get rid of them?
Method 1) The simplest and easiest method is going to always be basic salt and water. Salt helps the tongue sore heal faster because it stops and kills the growth of bacteria. I personally like to put 1 tbsp of salt into 1 cup of water, I will mix it up, and then gargle with it.
Method 2)
Use ice cubes, this will numb the pain and help speed up the process. Apply only for a short period of time, a few minutes to 5 minutes is plenty of time
Method 3)
Make sure you brush your teeth after each meal with tongue sores, this will keep your mouth area clean. This will maintain oral health.
Method 4)
Honey has antifungal properties. It increase wound healing, reduces inflammation, and kills bacteria. Use honey on your sores, this will make a difference.
Certain foods and products may increase the pain or swelling you have with your tongue bumps. Avoid spicy and acidic foods or tobacco.
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  • Summer

    I've dealt with canker sores for a long time, so I'll list a few of my findings, in additions to yours!
    1) Myrrh- An ancient herb, traditionally used in Eastern medicine, myrrh posses anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. You can find Myrrh at many health food stores, drug stores, and other similar places.
    Directions: Mix about 5 drops of Myrrh (or if you feel more is necessary) with a few ounces of water, swish the mixture throughout your mouth thoroughly. Repeat twice daily!
    2) Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Rinse- The reason I say specifically Colgate is because I've only seen one other brand with a similar product containing near similar ingredients. The other product is Orajel Mouth Sore Wash. Both products use Hydrogen Peroxide which perform an oxygenating action to gently remove debris and allow natural healing. Other washes have ingredients that can be harsh on the canker sores, disrupt healing, and cause damage to the tissues. The Orajel product contains menthol and alcohol, which tends to be too harsh for me. It doesn't hurt my canker sores but because it burns my mouth quickly, I use it for a shorter amount of time and I end up not being able to fully clean my mouth to the extent I want or time I want. I believe you can find copycat generic brands of Colgate Mouth Wash, I haven't seen any in the stores I've purchased it from but after a quick google search certain stores like Walgreens have made replicas, I'm not sure if they hold up, but I definitely plan on trying them and giving it a shot!
    3) Milk of Magnesia- One I have yet to try but the results I've read seem to line up with a general satisfied narrative.
    Directions: Using a Qtip or a finger cot, dip it in a bit of M.O.M and apply to the canker sore.
    4) Baking Soda- Truly a 'cure all', baking soda is an alkali, which if you know anything about pH you would know it's a scale and alkali is opposite of acid. Many canker sores are created in acidic environments. It's very common for people to develop canker sores after eating spicy, or really acidic foods. For example, I've willingly destroyed my mouth with delicious pineapple. Citrus does it as well! So by adding a more basic ingredient, solvent, or mixture to that of an acidic one will make it more basic.
    Directions: Mix baking soda with a lesser amount of water, add the water slowly while mixing. The texture you want to end up with is that of a paste so you can smear it onto the canker sore for a bit. Sometimes getting the paste to stick can be difficult so if you are having trouble just add more water and make it into a mouth rinse instead.
    5)Vitamins- Canker sores could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency in the body. Recurrent canker sores are often associated with B-6 and B-12 deficiencies as well as zinc and iron. So making sure you are taking a daily vitamin is super important. During outbreaks and flare ups, considering boosting intake of certain vitamins could surely help!

    I'm sure there are plenty of other remedies out there. Thanks for the list, I've definitely used plenty on yours and they've helped. After a long life of waging war against my mouth, I've had successes and failures and thought maybe some of the things that have worked for me will work for others. P.S. Canker sore patches? What a joke! Has anyone actually been successful at sticking one on and keeping it on?!??!!! It's like trying to apply a sticker to a surface thats under water and slippery!