Most Extreme SHERP MAX & 3 PRO Expedition EVER to the Russia North! p.4

Most Extreme SHERP MAX & 3 PRO Expedition EVER to the Russia North! p.4

The expedition to the Cape Kanin Nose.
Kanin Nos is a Cape on the northwestern tip of the Kanin Peninsula, in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug of Arkhangelsk oblast (Northern European Russia). The coast is steep, steep height of 15-20 m. Washed from the South-West by the White sea, from the North-East-the Barents sea. Vegetation is typical tundra.

New model SHERP MAX!
The main differences and features of the new SHERP MAX.
Increased the size of the cab and kung, the total length of the all-terrain vehicle increased by 20 cm. Excellent ergonomics of the driver's seat, everything you need right at hand. Now it is comfortable to sit behind the controls of the driver of large stature and large physique.
Residential kung - maximum convenience in the all-terrain vehicle for transportation of passengers, accommodation and accommodation. The height of the kung has become more, you can now stand in full growth. Inside SHERP MAX can now be equipped with three beds without alteration of the cabin.
The front and rear doors are now equipped with a special retractable step to facilitate entry and exit from the all-terrain vehicle.
There are plenty of pockets for various little things and soft partition between cab and box van.
Built-in ROPS (roll over bar) at the front of the cabin.
Removable ROPS over kung.
Modular body design, now You choose what suits you best:
Pickup - the Ability to install almost any necessary equipment:
drilling rig, crane, fire equipment, etc.
Cargo kung - the lightest kung with a high roof, the maximum capacity of the all-terrain vehicle for the transport of various goods.
Two separate hatch - driver and passenger.
Two variants of engine compartment ventilation: Summer - Winter.
The new six-speed transmission - now the range of gear ratios in the transmission has become even wider, and the thrust at any load more confident.
Upgraded rotation mechanism with chain in oil bath. Convenient access to the radiator and fan. New diode lights, turn signals and dimensions. A completely new rear led lights.
Another design of the frame, the bottom of the boat is now not welded but riveted.
Instruments, control lamps and switches moved to the side rack and ceiling panel.
Now you can arrange a bed in the cabin, setting there special panels stored in the kung.
The wiper now has an intermittent function.
Along with the new qualities preserved characteristics of the usual SHERP PRO:
Unique, unparalleled permeability;
The possibility of going out on the ice;
High buoyancy thanks to a sealed body, wheels with a volume of 800 liters each and a wheel pumping system;
Pneumostimulation suspension, quickly adjustable pressure tire under different soil;
Unique tubeless low pressure tires;
Low fuel consumption (diesel) 2-3 liters per hour on any type of soil;
Low weight;
Carrying capacity up to 1000 kg;
High autonomy – 58-liter fuel cans are built into the wheels, thanks to which the total fuel supply is increased by 232 liters;
Simple and reliable design;
Galvanized frame.
Small size for easy movement in a confined space and easy transportation;
Indoor cabin;
Reliable Japanese Kubota engine;
Easy maintenance and repair;
Kingston for draining water from the body;
Power frame at the heart of the design;
Smooth bottom;
High survival – SHERP continues to move after the failure of one or even two wheels!
The possibility of heating the cabin from the engine, stove, auxiliary heater "Webasto" (WEBASTO);
Special fuel system container for long-term movement in roll conditions. "Fuel starvation" because of the large roll is excluded!
Overcoming climbs a slope of 35 degrees;
Side turn – all-terrain vehicle is able to unfold almost in one place;
The hold under the duckboards with a total volume of 170 liters to store your necessary things, equipment, or the installation of additional fuel tank;
Excellent ergonomics and handling;
Rear view camera for more traffic safety.
Turning radius 2.5 meters

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